Window Treatments: The Last Piece of the Puzzle

The Rockwood Design Corner- Window Treatments: The Last Piece of the Puzzle

Hello Rockwood Readers! This is JoJo and I’m one of the design consultants for the San Antonio, Texas area. I’ve been designing spaces for 12 years now, and today I want to chat about the design process I go through with clients in order to pick the perfect window treatment.

Window treatments are often forgotten because along with accessories, they tend to be the last layer when building a room from the ground up. However, they are so incredibly  important! The right covering in the correct application can truly make or break a room. When creating a well thought out space, we look at two big picture things- form and function.

Function – First is function; how is the space used, how many people use it and how often, are there any special considerations we need to take into account regarding the structure we are designing for? For example, if it’s a family room we need to consider whether there’s a TV there so we can control the sunlight and shadows accordingly, are they really high windows that need to be motorized, is there a beautiful view we don’t want to block, and so on.

Form – Second is form, or the aesthetics of the space, because we want it to be not only functional, but beautiful as well! This is where the fun begins.

As designers, we really need to look at everything. What’s the architecture of the house?

Modern Home with Shutters from RockwoodIs it a modern build,


Liteline Shutters in Texas Bed and Breakfastis it a traditional cottage,


Industrial Living Space with Gray Shutters from Rockwoodis it a reclaimed industrial space?


Once we pinpoint that, there are certain treatments that are more suited than others, they need to blend harmoniously with the bones of the space.


Then it’s time to look at furniture, which opens a window into the style of the client and sparks a conversation about the customer’s decor preferences. Finally, it’s time to pick color, finish and pattern. Because window treatments are the cherry on top of the design sundae, there are layers of surfaces and textiles that we need to take into consideration. What does our flooring look like, our wall and trim color, area rugs, seating fabrics and so on. At the end of this process, we have distilled literally thousands of choices into what will fit perfectly in the space, catering to the the way the client lives and how they want to feel in their home.

Joanne "JoJo" Gomez with Rockwood


Joanne “JoJo” has been designing interior spaces for 12 years and is incredibly passionate about it. She has a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts and lives in Texas with her Navy husband and two boys.

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